Tiny interruption.

I have grown tired of receiving Spam email. I do not care to become a human tripod, nor getting a silo of anti-depressants discreetly mailed to me for $9.99 +S&H or helping Mrs. Mildred Q. Mambazo, widow of the late Gazpacho Mambazo, former Oil Minister of Zimbabwe get her assets liberated.

So, I have shut down the email account some of you have used/have been using.

I'm going with the Gmail thing (such as you know from your dealings with Uncle Joke) effective now. (Pester me there.)

As you were,



reader said…
I've been trying to unsubscribe from dozens of sites. Just because I ordered one item a year ago doesn't mean I need daily e mails. I should use my g mail account more often.
j - since you asked -

if 1 = all is fine and dandy in my world with perhaps a tiny cloud in the far off distance


10 = Linda Blair has nothing on me - it is time to call the Priest then I guess I am at level


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