Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bubble, bubble, articles on sparkling wines made in the methode Champenoise and trouble.

Just in time for St. Valentine's Day, the good folk at have posted my review of assorted Champagnes (and derivatives).

Go ovah theah and click thereon. (The more clickage the more excellent wines I get for free.)


-The Management

Posted by Joke at 8:35 AM


  • Blogger bluemountainsmary posted at 3:00 PM, February 13, 2008  
    Do you get access to any of our sparkling wines?

    Or the NZ ones?

    They are pretty good.
  • Blogger Joke posted at 10:17 PM, February 13, 2008  
    The sparklies from down under don't seem to be making it here to the extent that they'd be easy to find.

    Still, I shall look.

  • OpenID olivespearls posted at 11:32 PM, February 13, 2008  
    I clicked, I read, I enjoyed! :)

  • Blogger BreadBox posted at 10:57 PM, February 15, 2008  
    Nice article: when I lived in the big city I hung out with liquor store folks who used to get me invited to (free) (extremely expensive wine) wine tastings. Those days are now gone of course: and even though I've tasted some rather whimsical hundred dollar bottles of bubbly, I don't miss it so much. I still often reach back into the days of my youth and pull a bottle of Freixenet's Cordon Negro off the shelf: brut usually, although if I'm cooking something with some cream in it I might reach for the extra dry instead. At under a ten spot per bottle, I can enjoy it occasionally. And not as occasionally as the good stuff:-)


    BTW: (I clicked thereon on the more info on sparklies, and it doesn't display correctly in my firefox-on-linux-with-user-set-font-sizes)
    browser: just a heads-up in case you can get them to change things!)
  • Blogger Joke posted at 11:42 PM, February 15, 2008  
    Thanks for the heads-up!

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