Crush with Fame

As you might recall a few days ago I posted an entry on crushworthy-to-me persons (I'm appalled that Poppy actually knew 20% of them. In the future I must try harder.) and with which I am rather pleased. I mentioned this in passing to TFBIM who cannot possibly be bothered to read this blog (or any blog, really) and she said:

"Why didn't you tell them about ____?"

She half-seriously/half-mischievously said this, because there is a story between me and ____ which, at the time, annoyed TFBIM to no end. This took place epochs ago, when my capacity to decipher what women (in general and my now-wife in particular) are actually saying was not as keenly honed as it is today. I prattled on about this until my beloved's face turning a lurid garnet, accessorized by plumes of black smoke issuing from her ears and smallish flames visible from her nostrils made me wonder if anything was the matter. ("Nothing." she answered, which I, testosterone addled fool that I was, took to mean "No, there is nothing wrong.")

Anyway, it took no small effort and no small expense assuaging her and, I had placed the matter (and its subj.) out of may head, abetted by the subj.'s low profile these days. In doing so, I omitted her from the Pantheon of the Crushworthies. Repressed it, if you will.

I speak of Bridget Fonda, and the story -- certainly a letdown after all this preamble -- is that we shared an interminable wait in line at a Starbucks. The "system [was] down" and the Mensa Brain Trust running the place could not see their way clear to do anything. It may have caused Colombia to shut down for 2-3 days, gauging from the efforts of the personnel. At any rate, Ms. Fonda (half-caf cappuccino and a bag of some specialty decaf, ground if memory serves) and I were pretty much in the middle of the crush of humanity queue and, while there, she complained about the delay, given that she was supposed to be somewhere else in short order. I may have said something that made her laugh. A few times.

She has a great laugh. The sort of laugh that makes you think the laugher is actually both happy and kind. She also smelled pretty nice. (My guess? Chamade by Guerlain, but very lightly so) She is also very, very pretty in a girl-next-door way and has a quick smile.

My then-fiancee saw her elsewhere in the upscale-ish shopping venue wherein the Starbucks resided and, when I emerged, she said "Guess who I saw?" I said "Bridget Fonda" and then proceeded to regale my beloved with the story, omitting no detail however slight. Her mood darkened visibly and a half-awake meteorologist might have mistakenly predicted thunderstorms from her look.

So there. Now you know my Brush With Fame and the Crush That Dare Not Speak Its Name.



P.S. She does not have an accent.


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