Keeping track at home

This are the entries on which I am working on these days to give you, The Internet, hours of bloggy pleasure:

1- The day the citrus died, and what's been planned in its stead.
2- Something I'm trying out in the kitchen, involving "cultures" and room-temperature dairy, there is a chance the mere mention of this project will send the lovely and gracious Gina sprinting for an oxygen mask and defibrillator.
3- NOS and his vegetable garden.
4- How I grew up in postwar Ireland with an alcoholic father who was abusive and a saintly-but-distant mother whom I never really knew until the very end when she died of some tragic malady, and then it was too late and so I bitterly left the Catholic Church. No, wait. That's a Frank McCourt synopsis.
5- NTS and his seemingly vocational desire to become a game-show host.
6- Car stuff.
7- Wine stuff.
8- On writing the meme-to-end all-memes

So stay tuned.



meggie said…
Good luck with writing the meme to end all memes! I hope it does in fact, end memes. I have grown to strongly dislike memes. Though some are humourous.
louise said…
I promise, the didge can sound truly amazing.. is a particularly wonderful musician.
Re number 4

I was at the airport yesterday and looking in a bookshop at all the biographies/autobiographies - and realised that it seems abuse/alcohol etc has to be a prerequisite for writing an autobiography. Most depressing collection of books I've ever seen.
becandcall said…
People worry far too much about food germs (#2) and not nearly enough about other people taking the piss out of them (#4)>

Amd if you could just P.L.E.A.S.E write the meme to end all memes? That would be fine.
Sarah O. said…
Can't wait to read about the aspiring game show host thing.

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