My 1000th blog entry!

Was the glow-in-the-dark one. It's just now I noticed.

Today's post is a mish-mash of miscellany.

1- Movies viewed from a HD source (HD-DVD, BluRay or HDTV) don't look materially better compared to a standard DVD that has been played through a DVD player that "upconverts" to HD resolutions. I confirmed this with Harry Potter #5 (which is a combination (HD-DVD on one side, "regular" DVD on the other) flipping back and forth in such a way as to arouse puzzled comment from the household. It looks a tiny bit better, but it's not an earth-shaking diff.

Of course, this is not the case with material shot in high-def (as opposed to shot on film), which looks AMAZING. Stuff like sports events, or travelogues or computer animated films really look jaw-dropping in high-def.

Just a thought about what one ought consider when pondering an upgrade.

2- We are booked and good-to-go to hang out with the extremely lovely and wildly gracious Poppy in California. (We won't travel 25 minutes to see some of TFBIM's friends, but we'll fly across the continent to hang out with the Buxoms. This is because we love the Buxoms and they are totally worth flying across the continent to hang out with them.) With luck we'll also loiter with Jennyfivetina, as well as meeting up with my minions.

3- St. Valentine's Day is nearly here. Not sure I have a gift in waiting. I must conduct an inventory.

4- By the way, children having socks is "school policy" and unraveling is, emphatically, not the same as "picking at" something.

5- I only gained 5lb. in my heavy work season. (Granted, this is combined with my having lost only 20lb. of the 25lb. I needed to lose.) I have hit the gym with a vengeance and I am ruthlessly paring my snack impulse.

6- South African wines are VERY underrated.

7- I don't get to catch it very often, but I love the few snippets I've heard of the Dennis Miller radio show. There is something very satisfying about getting his jokes, especially when nobody else does. Anyone who says [a U.S. politician] blinks so furiously it looks as if she's "signaling the Carpathia she's hit an iceberg" is a magnificent bastard.

8- Today, I refrained from buying shoes.

9- I got a very cheering email about being invited to bring my car along to a very prestigious event. (Sure, they want me to throw crazy money at them, but people who know say the invitation is completely legitimate and serious.)

10- Homemade creme legere RULES! (Gina, this involves leaving dairy products -- with live enzymes and cultures -- left out overnight.)

11- The problem with Ash Wednesday, apart from the fasting bit, is that you tend to forget you have ashes on your forehead and when your forehead starts to itch, you wind up spreading them all over your face in a thin, faint layer, so that people suppose you to be a very well-dressed but pathologically slothful coal miner.

As you were,


P.S. I gave up snacking for Lent; and I'm also going to try to get to pray on my TOTALLY COOL BLESSED-BY-THE-POPE glow-in-the-dark Rosary. Feel free to make requests.


shula said…
Here, Ash Wednesday is largely a memorial to the fires of Ash Wednesday, some years ago, whereupon a whole stack of people died.

It has completely obscured it's religious significance.

Just thought you might need to know that.
You see when you mentioned Ash Wednesday I did not immediately think of the bushfires but was transported straight back to my childhood where you wore those ashes like a badge of honour and had competitions as to who could keep theirs longest.

Little things like that amused our small minds.
PS what are you giving up for Lent?
And congratulations.

As I was.
Anonymous said…
I think you really should climb to the roof of your building and shout number 6 to everyone in the vicinity!

It makes my heart all fuzzy and warm inside to read this.

Bec and Call said…
I have no sympathy over the unravelled socks.

Any boy whose father refers to socks as hosiery is bound to have issues.
Gina said…
If you're taking requests, I have two: Please ask for some general goodness and overall improvement to be tossed in my direction, and please pray that your potentially poisonous dairy delight doesn't kill you.

Joke said…

I'll do better than that, I'll make it the subj. of my next column over at


P.S. Gina, I take it you are not interested in my upcoming attempt to make blue cheese?
Stomper Girl said…
Congratulations on your 1000th post and thanks for all the fish I mean fun. Also thankyou for the line about the very well-dressed but pathologically slothful coal miner.

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