Some mighty weird karma.

Some people seem to get sunshine and lollipops from the Dept. of Karmic Justice, and others get some sort of Torquemadad 24/7 treatment from same. Me? I get some very, very strange stuff.

Having effected the school dropoff successfully -- if a bit in-the-nick-of-time -- I proceeded to run sundry errands. Edibles, fuel, banking, that sort of thing.

It is at that moment my cell* phone rings. It's the school. Such a call so soon after dropoff is never a good sign.

"Is this Mr. Joke Googlia?"
"Yes," he said with apprehension
"This call is regarding NTS Googlia."
"Yes," I reiterated
"Apparently he needs a pair of socks."
"He had socks this morning."
"His teacher reports he has unraveled them."
", you mean..."
"Yes, Mr. Googlia. He will require fresh socks."

And yes, apparently he was sitting amid a large skein or lewt or boule (or whatever it's called, I'm sure a stalwart member of the Knitter's Guild will issue the correct information) of white cotton yarn that scant moments earlier had been his Young Gentlemen's Hosiery.


* or "Mobile"


olivespearls said…
Hah! My NOS has done this. To socks, pants, and yes, sweaters handknit by his mother.
Joke said…
Wait...he unraveled HIS PANTS?

That takes a level of destructive committment that is simply breathtaking.

Badger said…
HA! My comment idea completely disappeared when I saw Jen's comment. Now all I can say is: that is why Jen's NOS was betrothed in the cradle to my girl child. They are soulmates. I can see them 15 years from now, sitting around an IKEA table in a tiny apartment somewhere, chain-smoking and shredding paper napkins with abandon.

NTS should visit them sometime. He'd fit right in.
Badger you are too much!
Aren't little boys just too much fun!
shula said…
I find the deconstructional tendencies of the Male Child fascinating and bewildering, in equal measure, coming from 3 generations of Nothing but Women.

I s'pose a pair of knitting needles is out of the question?

See, I just don't get it at all.
Stomper Girl said…
I don't think they are working him hard enough at school.
olivespearls said…
HONK Badger! May it please God that they should not reproduce. Interestingly enough, Anatole is a very good knitter. Joke: the pants (Hanna sweats, no less) happened just last weekend.
MsCellania said…
You can stop that by sewing a vertical seam down one 'ditch' row. Ask me how I know this...
reader said…
He must have been bored. That happened when my middle child cut up her tennis shoes during a boring day in first grade. The principal questioned if she had other destructive tendencies. No, she just wanted new shoes and I told her that morning that hers still looked good.
meggie said…
Firstly I was quite stunned to read about your son's rapid unravelling- he must have moved like lightning.
When I read of all the other children's feats, I realised my kids were well behaved after all!

Never mind the fact that one had blown it's nose a bedroom drape, & I unfortunately discovered this when I was showing someone around our abode.
BreadBox said…
Do you have any idea how hard it is to resist the bad gag opportunities here? Things involving yarns, cottoning on, being hole-y and completely at fault, footing the bill, to name but a few?????
Please. Don't make me spill my coffee again.

Sarah O. said…
I used to unravel my socks in school. Back then, schools didn't call parents, they made unravelers sit in the cloakroom.

Yes, the cloakroom.
Kristin said…
Why couldn't he just go through the day sans socks?

Is this a stupid question? Is it very cold or are the shoes very uncomfortable?
h&b said…
But *why* ?!?!??!?!??
Kim said…

Mind you, what I'd give for the children to unravel socks as opposed to picking at the thinning spots of fabric on the lounge.

And J - you have the audacity to question those of us who pick at our cuticles all the while you have produced a child who picks at his clothes until they.don't.exist.anymore.

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