Stay in school, kids.


Stomper Girl said…
Oh my God, we LOVE Top Gear. The Climber is totally obsessed with it, and it is an awesome tool for getting him to do everything we ask, in return for letting him watch it. Sadly this means he will grow up to be a total rev-head, but if he's as funny and erudite as Clarkson, Hamster and Captain Slow, we won't care.

Ovah heah they are showing the series right from the very first episode. Bliss!

PS You were going to send me a Qantas mechanic thing...
crafty said…
I think I know what your capillary thing may be. My littlest child had one on her face, just appeared one day, tiny pin prick, grew bigger. When it was bumped it bled and bled and bled and bled.
Nothing serious, but had to be removed. I can't remember what it was called, but in the doctor's words, "they are a damn nuisance."
Joke said…
Ack! Right you are!


Right on it.


P.S. Capt. Slow's column in The Daily Telegraph (infinitely superior to the odious The Guardian) is a joy to behold.

P.P.S. Crafty, thanks! Having one of those in an area of my person which is routinely passed over with surgically sharp steel is not a good thing.
Kim said…
I heart that show. HEART it.

The travelling across America episode was one of my absolute favourites.
Joke said…
What's funny is that the track they used to test drive their cars is "my" track.

And NO, it hasn't been "abandoned" because Americans can't cope with corners.


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