The thrills never stop.

It's 3:20am. I've been awake since 11pm.


Because in a particularly brutal episode of co-sleeping, NTS (accidentally, but still) headbutted me with all the might his 55lb. body could muster...right on the bridge of my nose. I mean, he just CLOCKED me.

I was, quite literally, flash-blinded* for a second from the pain. I think perfectly masculine tears came out, unbidden. And the bridge of my nose has been throbbing ever since, regardless of what analgesic I throw at it.

This is on top of the massive blackout that covered the central and southern portions of the whole state and the traffic (and child activity related scheduling) snarls which ensued.

Now you know.


* Think "lightning-on-the-road-to-Damascus" but without any revelation from Jesus.


You are not having a good run with injuries at the moment.

To say the least.
Kim said…
Is it broken?
Your nose that is.
Frogdancer said…
Perhaps if you refrain from throwing analgesics at your nose and begin to take them orally, they may then help to ease the pain. I'm very concerned that at the moment you're just adding insult to injury...
Stomper Girl said…
Oh you poor love. This is why children should not be allowed in the bed. They are dangerously accidental.
Joke said…
Nothing is seemingly broken, no.


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