A very lucky three days so far.

I have managed to avoid any effusion of blood on my part.

Still, looking at it closely -- no easy feat considering the spot's location; the process involved three mirrors and a copy of Yoga For Dummies -- what appears to be a bright scarlet pinpoint on my skin is actually a capillary associated with my (I think) jugular or carotid. Just under the skin, where those mass-made, lowest-common-denominator razors can sever it again.

Medical appointments are being scheduled as we speak.


Because the fun never stops at Joke's Place, NOS got a cold that has devolved into a full on asthma attack. TFBIM's dad, for whom reality wields not the force it does for mere mortals, announced this had to do with the clutter of stuff TFBIM had in the non-badass minivan, and prioceeded to clean it out to his satisfaction. He was wearing one of those disposable surgical masks like Asian travelers do whenever there's an outbreak of bird flu.

NOS, poor lad, was miserable. Coughing and wheezing freely and frustrated he couldn't sprint madly in whatever direction his wont carried him. He has somewhat hypoer episodes when all his unspent energy bursts forth in one lump, and being unable to expend in such a manner without being reduced to sounding like Darth Vader's chipmunk displeased him greatly.

In the meanwhile, I have been slowly gathering material samples and ideas for the various renovations pending at the house. Oh, and I secured a length of fish tank tubing and will construct an elaborate siphon mechanism to extract my manly fragrance with minimum waste.

So our long national nightmare is soon to be over.



Caro said…
I'm sorry NOS is feeling bad. My NTD tends to get wheezy and develop bronchitis with every cold.

Maybe I should clean the debris out of my car. JK.

I'm probably preaching to the choir but a nebulizer filled with Xoponex (sp?) is a miracle.
Frogdancer said…
So you haven't given up on the manly fragrance saga? I commend your stick-to-it-iveness.

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