The closest thing to a "Get Out of Jail Free" card...

This is what TFBIM requires to ameliorate her mood. It is the equivalent to the 371,000 human sacrifices the Aztecs Native Mexicans use to perform yearly to pacify the god Qztlezteteletzquatlhuatl. Except that in my case, this actually works somewhat.

The Menu:

Baby spinach salad with bacon & blue cheese crumbles
Steak (Flatirons; she likes it medium and while this is abominably obvercooked, I STFU on the issue for once) Frites
Paul Jaboulet "Parallele 45" Rhone

The important bit -- besides the wife-amelioration -- is that I am 96% of the way towards perfecting the oven frites thing. About 10% of them didn't turn out perfect, so I pursue this further.

This is what I know so far:

1- You have to use Russet/Idaho/mealy potatoes; they have to be cut into frites just under 1/2" x 1/2" (an even 1cm x 1cm)
2- You have to soak them in cold water, changing the water 2-3x until it runs clear
3- Parcook them in the microwave (in the bowl with the last soaking water) until they are bendable BUT NO MORE. This can be done far ahead.
4- The frites must be dried thoroughly.
5- Once they are cool and dry, toss them in oil (I use peanut)
6- Preheat the oven with the roasting pan and oil. I used a round, slopy roasting pan...looks like a large handle-less sautee pan, makes for MUCH better/even tossing without having to resort to implements. Figure 350F [I'll insert the Centigrade here].

The next batch should be the definitive version.


P.S. The flan is the one that clinched the rapprochement.


MsCellania said…
I had two chuck eyes ready for the grill but it was too windy to grill. So we had the Spuds, but with green beans and -- please sit down for the next menu item:
Tofu Pups.
I am not kidding. I was going to grill him a portobello (remember, the vegetarian aspect of this spouse) and do the steaks for the boys and I.
But Oy the wind. No grilling possible on our west-facing deck. So the boys and I had turkey dawgs and the husband had Tofu Pups.
With a beer. He didn't want wine with tofu. Go figure!
I didn't know anyone on the planet still rinsed and then wrung out their taters in a towel. It's a must-do step.
Kim said…
One of chef's moments of stupidity includes the time he used peanut oil in the pancakes. I've never ever been able to come at using it (except in stir-fries and the dipping source for white-cut chicken) in anything else. Ever.

Don't your chips taste... peanutty?
Kim said…
Mscellania - I don't know what Tofu Pups are and nor do I.

And J - you can NOT say the flan cinched it and then not say what the flan was.

or are you merely doing so as an anticipation building device?
Joke said…
1- I just lay the frites down on paper towels and dab them dry. Since they rest a while, the wringing is obviated.

2- Peanut oil is only minimally nutty, and far closer to neutral. Pretty much it's the go-to frying (as opposed to sauteeing) oil.

3- Flan is also called "creme renversee" and it's basically a creme brulee turned upside down, so the caramel turns into a syrup.


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