I'm back.

We have returned in triumph to the Fringe o' Paradise from California.

Before I get into detail about the jollity and mirth that is Disneyland when I am at the helm of things -- think Bataan* with rollercoasters -- I have to issue a public "MWAH!" to my pal, Poppy. Who, even though she has been robbed by cruel fate of the Disney Theme Park gene, is a queen among women. If you don't have your own Poppy, I highly recommend you get one.

She gave me as a very early birthday gift the book United States of Arugula. This book was a) wildly fascinating to read, b) ridiculously entertaining and c) pushed all my foodie buttons AND d) lasted from the moment we took off and ended as we were landing. This woman is a genius. And her most recent manicure sported a nail polish that is the most flattering I have ever seen on her, and I have been observing her digits for almost a decade now.

On an interesting note, NOS brought his new camera and took I-dunno-how-many pictures of Poppette. This bodes well.

The flight back was interesting. Remind me to tell you about that.


* How tired are these people? My sons -- yes, MY SONS -- slept the whole flight through (+/-7hrs) and even slept through the airplane's landing. And they are still asleep. Why I'm not is a mystery.


See - this doesn't seem like a long enough break to me.

I hope you are suitably refreshed.
h&b said…
Interesting ?

Was that lady flying again ?
You know, the one that used the aisle as gynacological stirrups ?

Or something like that.
I must search your blog for the reference. Your newer readers would appreciate it...
h&b said…
ahh, here we are..
Sept 30, 2007:

"Joy for us, Midcentury Dog Woman sat right behind us on the flight and promptly propped up her considerable feet on our armrests, as if she were flying Pap Smear Airlines."

Did you run into Micentury Dog Woman again ? ;)
Joke said…
MCDW did not -- whew -- fly with us.

Jaye Joseph said…
We have that book coming at work. Can't wait to read it!

Am SERIOUSLY disturbed by the thought of MCDW.
Poppy Buxom said…
I thought it looked very interesting, but I had to give it to a youthful whippersnapper like Joke, because the print is TINY.
Joke said…
There is a book review forthcoming. I really, really enjoyed it. That it took exactly a transcontinental flight to read cover-to-cover just goes to show that Poppy knows me better than anyone (including herself) would believe.

Kim said…
My last boss - who my husband called Shrek having met her for a total of about 30 seconds and who I called bargearse due to her arse. Being the size of a barge. Will from hereonin be referred to as Midcentury Dog Woman.

I'm still snorting over Pap Smear Airlines.

At least she didn't start picking at her feet.

Or clipping her toenails.

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