Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Eastah, people. If I get a chance there will be an Eastah brunch post, with recipes (Scrambled eggs, homemade sausage, pancakes*, homemade bread -- cross your fingers -- champagne and fresh squeezed orange juice) and photos of the Eastah serveware I bought THREE YEARS AGO and I'm just now getting to use.


* Sans ice cream or lemon juice and sugar...sorry, Australia.

Posted by Joke at 12:58 AM


  • Blogger MsCellania posted at 5:13 AM, March 23, 2008  
    Happy Eastah to you and Yours, J!
    I am just getting back to the sack after setting out the baskets.
    Have fun with your feast.
  • Blogger Kim posted at 7:17 AM, March 23, 2008  
    We don't do pancakes w/ icecream - it's pancakes w/ lemon juice and sugar or maple syrup and bacon in this household.

    Crepes on the other hand...
  • Blogger Joke posted at 8:29 AM, March 23, 2008  
    Duly noted.

  • Blogger Stomper Girl posted at 6:23 AM, March 24, 2008  
    Don't knock it till you've tried it.
  • Blogger Caro posted at 5:18 PM, March 24, 2008  
    Oh man, you've got me drooling.
  • Blogger h&b posted at 7:58 AM, March 30, 2008  
    I only do lemon juice and sugar - it's the ONLY way ..

    and bah! to syrup. yukky.
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