Happy Eastah, people. If I get a chance there will be an Eastah brunch post, with recipes (Scrambled eggs, homemade sausage, pancakes*, homemade bread -- cross your fingers -- champagne and fresh squeezed orange juice) and photos of the Eastah serveware I bought THREE YEARS AGO and I'm just now getting to use.


* Sans ice cream or lemon juice and sugar...sorry, Australia.


MsCellania said…
Happy Eastah to you and Yours, J!
I am just getting back to the sack after setting out the baskets.
Have fun with your feast.
Kim said…
We don't do pancakes w/ icecream - it's pancakes w/ lemon juice and sugar or maple syrup and bacon in this household.

Crepes on the other hand...
Joke said…
Duly noted.

Stomper Girl said…
Don't knock it till you've tried it.
Caro said…
Oh man, you've got me drooling.
h&b said…
I only do lemon juice and sugar - it's the ONLY way ..

and bah! to syrup. yukky.

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