Check out my equipment.

The lovely and gracious Jaye, at her other blog, posted on the matter of her fave kitchen gear and she proceeded to ask her readership to do likewise.

Since her orders are like commands to me, here are my two most heavily used bits of kitchen equipment. Here you can see my knives in the heaviest rotation. They are (from left to right) Calphalon Katana 7" santoku, 6" slicer, 6" utility, 9" serrated, Shun 8" yanagiba (mostly for thinly slicing delicate things) and 7" nakiri (mostly for light cleaver-y dicing/chopping). My go-to knife is the 7" santoku, it is a spectacular all-rounder.The blade is that "damascus" steel which is emblematic of Japan (and not, ironically, of Damascus). The principle is that soft and hard steels are layered to give the blade superior durability and sharpness and edge retention. It is, by far, the sharpest knife (along with its brethren) I have ever owned -- and this includes a slew of Wüsthofs, Henckels, Sabatiers, Füris and Shuns -- it is apocalyptically sharp.
I'm pleased to have gotten these knives at a price that is far, far closer to larceny than retail. (It was a set with a knife missing and a damaged block. Wound up about 75% off retail.)

Here are the pots and pans which I have in heaviest rotation. From left-to-right they are a Cuisinart saucier, Calphalon anodized 12" sauté pan (my oldest pan still in use, it's seasoned so much it's practically nonstick by now), Bourgeat 12" skillet and Calphalon "mini" stockpot (not pictured are the pasta strainer and stacking steamer baskets). My main piece is the Bourgeat.
You can tell it's been through the wars.
The bottom is suitably scorched and also scuffed.
I bought this about 12 years ago at a restaurant supply place and, later on, I was much pleased to discover that Gordon Ramsay used the same one. The rivets are still tight and even though its nonstick (and THE most durable nonstick I've ever owned) it still develops an amazing bit of caramelization when you sauteé things.

There you have it.



Jaye Joseph said…
"Since her orders are like commands to me"

You sir, are totally my bitch :)
Badger said…
My pots and pans suck. That's the next thing on my list to get upgraded/replaced, equipment-wise.
Suse said…
Anyone else concerned as to why the shop had a knife set with one missing knife?

ps. happy birthday!
Joke said…
My guess is something landed on the box containing the set in question, ruining one knife and damaging the block.

Suse said…
That wasn't quite the exciting 'knife-wielding thief runs amok in the shop' explanation I was hoping for.
Joke said…
Had that been the case, I would have gotten teh set for free.


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