There is pestilence at Chez Joke. The least waylaid among us has to do the ministering to the others and that includes mopping.

It is not pretty.

More as soon as this blows over. No pun intended.



It seems to me that you have had more than your fair share of ill health at Chez Joke?

When is the next holiday?

And I am truly sorry that latest illness involves mopping.
Oh Lordy that's bad. I thought maybe you all have travelled to see the Pontiff in either NY or DC, since you hadn't posted in a few days.
Get well soon!
Stomper Girl said…
Nothin' worse than pestilence. hope you all get better soon.
Badger said…
Well, that sucks. Er, blows. Er, y'know, ew.
h&b said…
eww alright.

I went through this last year. Talk about wanting me to get into a tub and rub my skin til it was raw and bleeding.

Oh, and mop the floors, natch.

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