Fished out from the draft pile.

Here is a brief Easter brunch photo essay.

Table is set with the aforementioned plates and so forth.
The food has been demolished. It was my FiL who drank beer with brunch.
NOS unwinds after a hard job well done with a flute of Domaine Chandon Blanc de Blancs. (Relax, it had about an ounce in it.)



daysgoby said…
NOS is growing up tall and handsome!

When I was eight, I started being able to have a largish slurp (of course I was not taught to SLURP the wine, I mean that as an approximate amount) of wine or champagne. It taught me to appreciate the different types of wine.

It looks like a lovely feast!
Poppy Buxom said…
Correction: that's "fish-taco'd out."


Also ... that closet? Hello? HAVE A FEW SHOES???
Badger said…
Beer with brunch. Huh. That's a new one on me, and my family tree looks like the Redneck Social Register.
Stomper Girl said…
Is your FIL Australian?

And what daysgoby said.
Lovely Easter J! I remember the days of childhood drinking, which was perfectly normal in a Greek household...we got a juice glass full of retsina and passed out cold!
Joke said…
My FiL is not Australian by extraction, but it seems he is becoming one by absorption.

I stopped rolling my eyes about 10 years ago.

MsCellania said…
Your table was lovely. Is that a porcelain tortilla warmer?
NOS is one gorgeous young man. And that's a great guayabera he's sporting. I wised up and now send my K's out to the cleaners every other laundry time.
Good Grief! Look at Imelda et al's shoes over there!
olivespearls said…
How nice to see a glimpse into Jokedom! NOS is darling.
Joke said…
A glance at TFBIM's shoe hoard alone is worth the annual membership.

Tere said…
Love the guayabera! Is that a green one on (NTS? I think?) in back? Loves it!
Joke said…
Yeah, it is. He likes it because it has four pockets. Four! You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff he puts there. He hates calling it a guayabera, though. It's a safari shirt. (Far more exciting that way.)

The linen helps, too.


P.S. We'll not discuss how that green shirt GOT green.

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