Laying low.

It is not only tax season, but the last 10 days before the end of tax season, during which those who traipsed off across the continent to loiter with Poppy for a week must make up for lost time AND do so while having the serial-murderer variant of PMS.

It is a very wise SAHD, with a keenly developed case of self-preservation, who hides in the tall grass.



Badger said…
An even wiser SAHD would stock up on TFBHM's favorite tipple.
meggie said…
Also, perhaps, chocolate?
Joke said…
Good call both of you.

I'll make one of those chocolatini things she likes.

(I know, I know.)

Poppy Buxom said…
Hey, don't go blaming me. She only saw us for TWO DAYS.

Blame the rest of it on Disneyland. I know I do.
Hides in the tall grass but moves faster than a jaguar to do her bidding?
Joke said…
1- It's more of an "avoid wrath" thing than a "do bidding" thing.

2- True, but we went b/c you guys were going. (And we'd do it again!)


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