My carefully arranged posting schedule goes to Hell in a basket.

I blame the Easter brunch.

I was planning on posting on the matter of our trip to California to hang out with the very lovely and exceedingly gracious Poppy and her crew, but then I remembered that I had the brunch thing still moldering in my draft pile and, in posting same, threw the whole thing way out of whack.

So here is the post that was elbowed aside, as done in my inimitable "contractual obligation" style, teeming with glee and enthusiasm.Poppy told the staff of the Japanese restaurant where we dined on our first night that it was my birthday. This is what they brought as they sang "Happy Birthday" in what I assume was authentic Japanese. Master Buxom (age 12 and as tall as I am) and NOS (age 10.5 and a foot and a half shorter than Master Buxom, and almost half his weight) off on the right side of the image you can discern Poppette in full pink regalia.
The Buxoms and NOS. The ferris wheel at Disneyland's California Adventure has two types of gondolæ, the usual kind that just goes around and one that has tracks and therefore spins and swings and loops -- at a pretty good clip, too -- which is quite impressive given the ferris wheel in question is 150 feet tall. Master Buxom didn't care for the swingery but NOS did, so we swapped eldest sons. Even in the mild version, TFBIM pretty much had a total neurological collapse.NTS runs into a hail of bubbles as we attempt to exit the park in a rush (we had to get back to our room and then proceed thither to dinner).NOS has difficulties with his sweatshirt on our way to dine with Poppy & Crew.
Are you tired, NOS?
I'll take that as a "yes." (Notice we hadn't even taken off yet!)


P.S. Since this post will shove everything down, don't forget to vote*.

* Nobody's telling THIS Floridian not to count all the votes.


Poppy Buxom said…
The non-panicky look on my face masked my ABJECT TERROR very nicely.

Meanwhile Poppette was sitting across from me screaming in glee. If she'd known it, she'd have been singing "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing.
Suse said…
Pictures of actual people on your blog! Dark, exotic looking young people, too!

Have you ordered the butchers block yet?
Joke said…
We tan easily.


P.S. These days you need sunglasses when either lad removes his swimsuit to hop in the shower. I'm not sure their backsides don't actually glow in the dark.
Joke said…
P.S. Poppy, I thought it was the sake which purchased your equanimity.
Joke said…
P.P.S. I'll let the electoral process run its course.
Badger said…
You're still taking votes? Dude, it's UNANIMOUS. Time to give up the dream, already.

P.S. The lads are dashing as always.
there is something delicious in the knowledge of the Jokes and the Buxoms hanging out together.

But the rest of my comment fell out of my head when I saw the garb those poor park staff have to wear. Criminal. Absolutely criminal.
Caro said…
I didn't know it was possible to sleep on an airplane.

You don't post your cute boys enough you know.

Thanks for sharing.

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