Oh, but it gets better!

Well, NTS is mostly over the 2nd round of the Evil Virus. He still is a bit whiny and cranky and so forth, but he is a lot more sprightly about it, especially when he has a pint of children's analgesic coursing riotously through his bloodstream.

As I type, he is yodeling in the shower.

Of course, we're not to be granted such a wonderful reprieve for long. On the 10th it'll be NTS's First Communion. As per family policy, we scheduled a medium-ish brunch reception at the country club.


We got a call today that, because of some lawsuit (details of which are nebulous at the moment) the club will shut its doors on the 3rd, and will not reopen until a) the lawsuit thing is settled or b) the company operating same is replaced with another one.

Those of you with an abacus handy will quickly realize this does not bode well for something scheduled for May 10th. Many will also note that this is a heavy "social weekend" with a great deal of travel related to Mother's Day (on the 11th) and pretty much anywhere we'd want to be is packed.

My wife, God bless her, is adamant the current club management secure a comparable venue for the reception and -- get this -- said alternative venue honor the prices we were given. I am of the opinion that people who have lost their jobs are not likely to stretch very far in this regard nor are they likely to be swayed by her howls and imprecations, which normally carry far more weight among those who DO have something to lose.

(I suggested we have brunch at home. She looked at me as if I were deranged. Which I am, but that is an eminently sensible suggestion.)




I was going to suggest you throw one of your lovely soirees. Your Easter one looked quite lovely from the pictures.
Stomper Girl said…
What a complete pain! Still at least you have yodelling.
MsCellania said…
Ah, I have a sneaky hunch you will be hosting a brunch at Chez Joke. I'd be on the Horn calling caterers.
Is First Holy Communion casual or suit-y there in the tropics of the temperate zone?
This doth give suck.
Just what mscellania said . Caterers at your house - but get the club to pay for that...
I'm surprised you weren't hosting it at your house in the first place.
Joke said…
1- This is a jacket-and-tie affair, not quite a suit, but relatively dressy stuff.

2- The reason we were not going to host it is because at the club you have to spend a minimum of $X on food and drink and this would have gone towards that.

While I don't mind cooking for brigades of people (in fact, for the week of my 40th birthday, I did so THREE TIMES) TFBIM noted -- not without reason -- that 40+ people trampling through the house would result in much cleanup being required.

And to think I am passing up a posh black-tie affair at Poppy's for THIS aggravation.


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