Today was NTS's 1st Communion.

The actual Communion bit went off without a hitch. NTS behaved, did as rehearsed, and did not go around the church smiting nuns and toddlers.

This success went to TFBIM's dainty head.

There are many things about NTS that make me wonder about the biy but the one thing I desperately admire about him is his spectacular disinterest in shielding his opinions from anyone. Whereas NOS might be pushed and cajoled beyond all human endurance into calling my FiL a deranged old coot, NTS leads with that.

So it was when TFBIM decided that NTS ought spend his reception standing around and getting photographed with every permutation of guests, when all that NTS really wanted to do is settle in for some serious brunch action. It was no surprise -- except to TFBIM who is perennially surprised whenever people exactly as they always have -- that NTS stood up and told everyone involved with the whole posing thing to, frankly, bugger off, as he was far more concerned with sending some pancakes on an adventure along his digestive tract than anyone's quaint and baroque desires for a pretty album commemorating the event.

Had he been taller he would have hauled off and stricken the photographer right in her wideangle. TFBIM, sadly, was too preoccupied with the photo album to notice that none of the champagne was being served. (We had to do the BYOB thing, since the only champagne offered by the hotel when we were summarily shuttered out of the country club was barely drinkable AND more expensive.) Which means that the Bring Your Own Bottle has now become, for us, Bring Back Your Own Bottles, since only three made the rounds. (We had counted on two flutes per adult, and instead managed to serve 2/3 of a flute per adult.)

We were VERY fortunate to be able to land on our feet, after a fashion, given the country club debacle (the lawsuits proceed, the wrangling continue) and we count ourselves among the lucky ones who do not have to scramble to to relocate a wedding reception with only 3 weeks notice. That said, we are also mindful we scored the last possible room at the hotel and it was obvious this was the last possible room.

It was a 15' x 20' room, with 5 tables of 10 crammed in there. No windows, not even bad hotel art on the walls. No champagne going around.

The best part, natch, is that it's all over.



Glad it's over for you, glad no smiting took place. You really must tell us more about NTS and his lovely lack of tact!
Caro said…
My boy is much like NTS. He isn't going to do what he doesn't want to and he'll tell it how it is.

I kind of like that.
Stomper Girl said…
Congratulations on a successful Holy Communion. You have a pair of fine boys there.
blackbird said…
You lived through it and so did NTS.

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