At last.

It's finally the best time of the year: After Memorial Day. This is key for us sartorial savants because all sorts of summery garb, normally proscribed throughout the year, becomes the norm (at least for me) and that especially means that I get to wear my linen dinnah jacket to the relatively few black tie events on my radar.

But it also means the start of grilling* season. This means a lot of things are now available that wouldn't normally be for the remainder of the year: Real lump hardwood charcoal, assorted interesting cuts of beef & lamb, summer vegetables. That sort of thing.

Which leads me to try new things. Grilled "lego lamb" (as NOS used to call it), chickens under a brick, grilled pizza -- that one scares me a bit -- and assorted flatbreads, sirloin "tri-tip" say nothing of new seasonings, such a Moroccan, Greek, Brazilian...yum.

This summer we're making a special effort to spruce up our outdoor dining area. The canopy ovah the gazebo-like thing we put in for JokeFest I is starting to fray a little and needs mending, the table is both puny and in awful shape...and naturally, a bigger table needs new chairs. And yes, I have both a fancy gas "porn grill" and a charcoal grill. I even have a fancy new charcoal smoker, for cooking low-and-slow for well over 16 unattended hours.

That's all I have for you today. More as the week unfolds.


* A grill is what most of the rest of the Anglosphere would call a barbecue


Badger said…
DH and the kids got me a new gas grill (not as porny as yours, but WAAAAYYYY better than what I had) for Mother's Day and I have been grilling EVERY DAMN THING.

And yet, DH does not understand why I want a charcoal grill ALSO.
Joke said…

Are you telling me that "Because I just do." isn't good enough?

Anonymous said…
Don't be afraid of grilled pizza. I tried it a few weeks ago with marvelous success. Pics and recipe are here: Scroll down to the Mother's Day post.

Frogdancer said…
You didn't mention kangaroo.

Try it. Utterly yummy. Low fat and did I mention yum?

(And no, I'm not kidding.)
Have you ever started on that outdoor pizza oven?
I am dying to build one myself, but need to build new house first.
alice said…
What is chickens under a brick? Sounds flat!
crafty said…
I'm too jealous that you even have an outdoor dining area to leave a comment.
Suse said…
Oh the POOR little chickens.
Joke said…
Yes, very flat. You bone out the back -- save it for stock -- and then weigh the chicken down with a fireplace brick wrapped in foil.

Very quick, juicy and crisp-skinned.

alice said…
Do you use special seasonngs, or prep? I am quite intrigued!
Joke said…
The seasons can be whatever you heart desires, but the trick is to brine the chicken beforehand.

h&b said…
Memorial Day Weekend was simply *glorious* by the pool in sunny Arizona.

Now i'm back in winter garb.


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