Fire, yes. Brimstone, not so much.

This weekend will see us taking nourishment outdoors under the cooling shade of the canopy-ish awning-like thingy of the gazebo-type structure on our terrace. At least until the fabric, which has withstood days of relentless sun followed by Noah-levels of rain, followed by more relentless sun, etc. finally gives up and completely falls apart at the seams. Which, technically, means it's the seams' fault and not the fabric's. But I digress.

The more you start using a certain part of your house the more you notice that area's flaws and the more urgent the need (in your own head, at least) to Do Something. If you use the, say, Billiard Room once a month you'll look at your beloved and mumble something about fixing X, replacing Y and repainting Z, but it really won't go past that. Use that same room every other day and by the end of the second week you will be collecting estimates and aswim in catalogues and brochures.

Our back yard will be subject to the latter, I fear. Decades of untended rain and sun and hurricanes and large tree growth have left the grass impressively uneven and the swing set seems rather forlorn with a 9 and (almost) 11 year old in the household. So, TFBIM has begun to muse aloud on the matter of fixing it up just after the kitchen is finished. (More on the progress of that anon.)

It is there I hope to strike surreptitiously. On that very subject I agreed and wafted, under the radar, the notion I really ought have a "small area" for all my live-fire cookery. She nodded, either in assent or absentmindedly, and that's all I need. I have begun to gather all the elements needed to bring my dreams of a brick oven to fruition.

Now, the kitchen is in the last preliminary phases, what Churchill would've called "the end of the beginning" meaning that squirreled away with my measurements and requirements and other whims and idiosyncratic lunacies is some artisan (at least in my vision of this) cabinetmaker, merrily creating what my mind had envisioned and attempted to convey. The major appliances have all been selected and are now being shopped around for the best deal.

I also need a couple of large-ish pot racks, as I was able to score some excellent steals from Al-Clad's now-discontinued* Emeril LaGasse's "Emerilware" line (basically All-Clad's "Copper-Core" line with slightly different handles that have the iconic Emeril signature engraved thereunto) and even with the new, expanded cabinet space, I'd rather maximize my storage.

So that's what I have for you today, update-wise.


* With Emeril's signature show no longer being renewed on the rapidly devolving Food Network, there is no longer any promotional tie-in, therefore it makes no business sense to continue this line.


Frogdancer said…
Ahhh, the plotting and planning part of the renovations. Practically the best part of all....

I'm thinking that maybe next summer I should buy a barbeque. The boys should really learn the manly art of Bar-B-Q.
alice said…
I would love an outside oven. Gourmet style, encompassing BBQ, flat plate, wok flame, etc.

Oh yes......
Joke said…
As much as I'd love an outdoor kitchen, I'm already pushing my luck as it is.


P.S. Froggy, start shopping now because during wintah these tend to be cheapest. Besides, teaching them such a manly art gets YOU out of the task of cooking.
I will be watching with interest your outdoor plans - I have to shut my eyes to mine and pretend that it is truly OK. When it is not.
Joke said…
This is this is the result of no longer being able to shut hours.

But if you take long enough to plan things, it won't hurt as much.

Caro said…
Our house needs so much fixing and tweaking I don't know where to start. Sigh.

Post pics when you have your new oven, if you don't mind that is.

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