The hits, they keep on coming.


It stands to reason that pretty much when I have to throw myself full-force at the workaday world of high finance that not only would I be landed with The Flu, but also that a "Very Big Deal" meeting with the bank (regarding one of our bigger projects) would be taking place tomorrow morning. (11am EDT, for those who time these sorts of things.)

For those among you who have a monotheistic bent, please keep this/me/us in your (fervent, ideally) prayers. You're also free to (i.e., pretty please) forward this shameless request along to those similarly disposed.

Those who are not inclined towards monotheism -- you're not getting off so easy -- please feel free to sacrifice rats, engage in pastoral dances, twirl crystally things while chanting or whatever it is you consider safe and effective. I'm not too proud.

Did I mention I feel awful?



Badger said…
Great. Now I have to go buy a goat. Next time, a little more notice would be swell.
blackbird said…
We dance around a special goblet over here. And we will. And it will have wine in it.
I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.
Stomper Girl said…
I lit a candle for you. Not in church, and also partly to absorb the smell of boiling chicken bones for stock, but i thought of you and wished you better when I lit it. Cx
BabelBabe said…
the rat wouldnt stay still so we sacrificed a dooughnut. hope it helped.
Joke said…
At the very least, it helped the rat.


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