It's more-or-less official

I have The Flu.

Sinus issues (pressure, pain, congestion), coughing, sore throat, sneezing fits that double as amazing abdominal workouts and tummy issues (decorum prohibits me listing them) and assorted achiness, and alternating between sweating like O.J. Simpson under subpœna or being incandescent with fevah.

All of which is a pretty inconvenient thing to have at a very inconvenient moment.

This weekend we have NTS's 1st Communion, Mother's Day, our 15th Wedding Anniversary and my MiL's birthday. All in one weekend.

So that's what I'm facing.


P.S. It goes without saying that TFBIM thinks of my having the flu as a cleverly contrived plot to get away with not doing my share of the work.


daysgoby said…
Perhaps she's going by that old maxim "Flu: Either you'll think you're dying, or you'll wish you were"

Don't worry 'til you see her taking bets.
olivespearls said…
Hey, we were married in the same year, and same month! Happy 'versary.
Stomper Girl said…
If that isn't just like a man to get sick before an important weekend!

(I'm joking!)


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