This election year, we are faced with a very clear choice

The legal wrangling that has shuttered the Fringe o' Paradise Golf and Country Club just in time to strike a devastating blow to NTS's 1st Communion reception continues. There is a glimmer of hope all issues will be resolved in exactly 7 days. But only just.

So, here are the two competing plans.

1- Do this at home and cater the damned thing. The caterer quote we got was a fairly posh, frou-frou menu. (Thai beef sald, selection of quiche, etc.)

Food cost +/- $50 per guest, $20 more than the whole reception was originally budgeted. (They do include plates.) This leaves us with having to purchase wine (figure a good/cheap one at $9/bot.), water ($10/case), assorted soft drinks/milk/juice ($50 total). This could oh-so-very-easily come to twice the original budget.

2- Do this at home and cook. The plan here would be to go with a Spanish theme and so, tapas, gazpacho & paella. The tapas thing is far more reasonable, because one may purchase all the various tapas, say, a whole Spanish ham (jamón serrano, for those scoring at home), chorizo, etc. and slice it oneself or, pay a slight premium and get it presliced, etc.

Gazpacho can be made well ahead (in fact, it should be) and then, to show off, one could make a big-arse paella. Even purchasing a big-arse paella pan (paellera) at +/- $100 would have the food budget at $16/person. We already have a "party set" of flatware and glasses, etc.

Yes, granted, tending a 27 in. (70 Cm) pan over a live fire on a scorching spring at high noon doesn't do much for the outer man, but then again, neither does spending twice as much as projected.

3- Let's see if they will honor our contract at another venue...cross your fingers.



Caro said…
If I cooked like you, I'd do it myself.
Stomper Girl said…
And you haven't talked about the cleaning up afterwards. If I was coming I'd want some paella...

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