Where was I?

Yes. I was dying. Well, dying-ish. I'm no longer dying-ish, which is good, except NOS looks like he may be dying-ish next, with TFBIM hot on his heels. NTS, the Typhoid Mary of the house, is in the pink of health, if his yodeling is anything to go by.

As discussed in Monday's symposium, this is all monumentally inconvenient given the number and gravity of social committments weighing heavily upon my person for the upcoming weekend.

The first committment to suffer was our 15th Wedding Anniversary, as the "afterglow" of the tummy trouble which accompanies one's flu makes any plan very unwelcome. Normally, we go somewhere fancy-ish for dinnah, but when all you have managed to eat in 6 days is: 2 bagels (not in a row) a bowl of plainish noodles and a smallish hunk of baguette, along with some weak tea and juice...dinnah plans suffah.

The plus side is that I am off like a rocket on my Annual Slimdown. I mean, I am doing really, really well. Between having fevers so high that spontaneous combustion is an imminent threat -- which means the ol' metabolism is humming along at maximum revs -- and not ingesting anything of material caloric value, I have managed to shed an easy 11lb (5kg) since Wednesday. Other than my ghastly pallor and 9 o'clock shadow, I look pretty smoking hot.

A bit of unalloyed good news hath come in, from NOS.

Late in 2007, he applied to a certain Junior High* and after undergoing a two-part entrance exam, interview and essay our young hero is in. Which is good.

Well, which seems good, until you look at the sackload-of-anvils that will be his schedule for the next school year.

He will be required to try out for one sport per semester (this varies if he actually makes one of the teams).
He has one elective per year: Art, Music or Speech/Drama (he can mix-and-match; he doesn't have to "stick" to one)
Latin, Spanish and (duh) English are required. He has to select a "foreign language" above these: French, Portuguese, Italian or German.
He's already been handed the summer reading list for both Spanish and English. (We start with El Cid and Huckleberry Finn, respectively. Oy.)
There is Mass every morning.

There will be more on this. Wa-a-a-ay more.


* Same school I attended. The hidebound and reactionary aspect thereof is evidenced by the fact it never bothered to change to "Middle School" and from our perspective this is a very good thing. The school continues through High School, forming what in many countries is called a "secondary school."


My boy Will will be attending a well known Catholic boys high school in Sydney next year.

Not run by Jesuits but by Marists (I don't know why I am assuming Jesuits for you - I just am). I am yet to see the timetable but I know there will be no Latin. And mass is only once a week.

Good to see you are on the mend.
Stomper Girl said…
Your yodelling Typhoid Mary cracks me up.
The term in our house is "Patient Zero", the title is worn proudly by my husband. Can't you wear a surgical mask to avoid infecting the rest of the household?
Joke said…
BMM: That's a very, very good guess.

SG: The level of energy exhibited by NTS when he is finally well has to be witnessed to be believed.

Heathah: Too late.


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