MsCellania said…
Finally! A photo of Yourself! And you're wearing NTS. As we do with ours.
Those young-uns are getting BIG. And staying gorgeous.
Looks like you saw all the High Points of DC.
Looks like a great trip J. Hope you all enjoyed it!
Joke said…
Y'all will notice the redness on our cheeks, from hiking at Joke-speed (ask Poppy) through all the sights in searing heat.

Poppy Buxom said…
NOS has sprouted up amazingly since spring break!
Stomper Girl said…
Man that's a big statue of Abraham Lincoln.
Joke said…
The Monday after Spring Break, NOS had an appointment with the endocrinologist because we were concered about his growth rate.

After much back-and-forth, it turns out that NOS's less than stellar rate of growth was due to his not having voluntarily ingested anything in 7 years.

So, he has been "prescribed" protein shakes and the like and since then he has added ridiculous poundages and inchages. Seeing how Poppette (a mere +/-4 months older)would have to stoop in order to rest her chin on his crown* may have spurred him to action.


* the top of his head, we're not royals
meggie said…
Very handsome males in your family!!
Great pics.
shula said…
Photos and heads in one post.

My head is spinning.

And all this time I was thinking you were an illustration.
Joke said…
Well, I am illustrative.

Sarah O. said…
Mr. Googlia, it's great to see you and yours! I've seen you and yours, sort of, in a photo Poppy has of you on a ride at one of those Disney parks. Although you looked good in that pic, you look WAY handsomer here!
NOS is becoming a very handsome young man. As is NTS, although I can tell he has a very hard time being still. :-) My little man is the same way!

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