Some Fathers' Day musings.

The actual day itself? 'Twas fine, t'will do, t'will serve. NOS took the lead in gift selection and did himself creditably. My nearest and dearest popped by for brunch, were fed and watered and sent off to go swimming, leaving me alone with my dreams, as is my usual desire.

What has me livid -- somewhat less livid now, but still within the lividity zone -- was on Saturday. NOS was invited to a farewell party for his friend J. J, his sister and mother will be leaving (if they have not already done so) for Venezuela, whence J's mother hails. Why? because J's dad up and left one fine morning.

Just like that.

Went off to Montana to find himself or some such bullshit, leaving his two children and his wife. The wife, back in Venezuela, was some sort of well-placed attorney which means she's utterly unemployable anywhere else on the planet. So off she's going, dragging her two children with her, to her parents' house. Since J & NOS were great pals (and J is a terrific lad) he was invited to a farewell bash and J's soon-to-be ex-house*.

Here is the kicker:

The (ahem) father showed up to the farewell party.

TFBIM, a kinder soul than I, merely gave him the cold shoulder. I would have sought provocation to snap his shoulder blades. Very, very little angers me more than some imbecile who abandons his (or, to be fair, her) children. As you may imagine, things have been tough for J & his sister. When your father scampers off to go find himself, it's difficult to take with equanimity.

Of course, had this cretin confided in me of his need to find himself prior to this escapade, I might have told him to look at his damned driver's license and go to the address listed and behave like a man for a change.

The problem, of course, is that many, many men are imbeciles and yet women insist on marrying them. If "you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison,' it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later" said Lewis Carroll, and he was right. If you ever get to see The Last Days of Disco, notice the scene in which Josh deconstructs Lady and the Tramp. The more I live, the more I see it to be true.

So that was that.


* The financial maneuverings this marriage underwent in its dissolution will test your blood pressure, so I shall spare you.


Wow the nerve of the jerk! I mean its his fault they have to move. I'm with you, only I would have socked him in the nose!
Poppy Buxom said…
What's "douchebag" in Spanish?
Badger said…
I almost married a couple of those. Dodged several bullets, I have. (And you think YOUR guardian angel works overtime.)
meggie said…
Lousy little nit.
BreadBox said…
I hope that, on the bright side, there is an opportunity for NOS to visit another country in the future and practice his Spanish!

Joke said…
NOS will have no choice as a sizeable contingent of my father's side of the family is still in Spain.


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