Weekend Update

It seems that saying (or even seriously thinking) "This is pretty much the frozen limit of my tolerance for ____." is tantamount to begging, on bent knees, for more of which you thought you had your fill.

In this case, it's all the schleppage related to the lads' summer activities.

Turns out that NOS's birthday is rapidly sneaking up on us and he wants to have a Surf Party. Heretofore his interest in surfing was somewhere between nil and none, but then NTS and his surf camp endeavors showed up on his radar and now he wants an Endless Summer of his own.

He also doesn't want any "kiddie" party stuff, which complicates matters. Among his unreasonable demands are for a real birthday cake*, and an invitation the text of which -- and this is the part that wounded TFBIM deeply -- didn't rhyme. He also wants control over the food served, contending it must be "real surfer food" and given his demands menu suggestions, "real surfer food" seems really similar to the Trader Vic's-like edibles (Trader Victuals?) available at WDW's Polynesian Resort. Coconut fried shrimp, teriyaki-ish skewers with the sesame seeds all over them, that sort of stuff.

After careful consideration** we agreed, wondering how slippery a slope this might prove.

There's a nearby water park with a wave-riding pool and if we get there before 11am, it's 50% off, and thus the die has been cast. NOS has to, in exchange for our newly compliant nature, provide material assistance. You want the Chicken Bora-Bora? Then start prepping the chicken. You want to burn a CD for the goodie bag? Then you burn the CD and print the label. That sort of thing.

Of course, the clincher, derived without the slightest chemical trace of irony by NOS: "Can I invite some of the kids from golf camp to my surf party?"

And I am NOT doing that whole luau fire dancing thing. But I think I'll have me a Mai-Tai.


* Poppy will recall this as being the one on the bill of fare at JokeFest '04, which she loved.
** i.e. comparing the potential cost of one of those hands-off/all-inclusive parties vs. the effort included


Poppy Buxom said…
If the boys wear those Duke's t-shirts I bought them in Malibu, take pictures!

Also, I think real surfer dudes eat fish tacos. (*snort*)
Stomper Girl said…
I think NOS is bidding fair to rival you in the party-organisation stakes and that you will safely be able to leave your senior years' celebrations (like 60ths and Diamond Anniversaries) in his capable hands. Well done.
Anonymous said…
In Australia, the true home of surfer dudes, they eat Chiko Rolls. And they send the surfer chicks to the shop to buy them.

(I'm with Stomper, you've created a hosting monster).
MsCellania said…
He's a Mini-YOU!
And HEY, I'm either blushing at what Poppy was snorting about, or it's an inside joke...
We are going to graduate from butter knife food prep to the small, sharp ones in a few months. (oldest, only). I remember learning to flip food in hot pans by using bread-I'm tempted to use bread for beginning knife skills, too - what did you start with? Cheese?! Skinned avocado?!
I would need 10 mai - tais to cope. I am not good at kids parties. As much as I can outsource I will!
Joke said…

It's a semi-inside joke. Down in So. Cal., there is a series of Mexican restaurants (the most famous being Rubio's) that specialize in tacos made from grilled or fried fish (I like the grilled mahi-mahi my own bad self.) and the name "fish taco" is close enough to the more lurid slang term "tuna taco."

What NOS reallllly wants is to go to one of those 1950s-ish Trader Vic's-like "Polynesian" restaurants after a day of surfing which is what he, I s'pose, imagines is the daily routine of a surfer.

Failing that -- the nearest such place is 45 min. away and a bit too steep for us to take +/- 16 kids and assorted adult hangers-on.


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