Wiping that smug paternal grin right off my face.

NOS, that angel, today got into his very first Official Schoolyard Slugfest, which almost veered off into Lord of the Flies territory.


Here's the Reader's Digest version of his story:

1- Someone (this has yet to be determined) dropped something (a coin?) and he ran to get it.
2- Another kid also went for the coin and NOS stepped on him. (This part is also somewhat murky)
3- The other kid was enraged and sucker punched NOS in the solar plexus and winded him.
4- In making a grab for the kid to prevent him landing a 2nd punch, he may have grabbed him roughly by the forearm and, somehow, drawn blood. (Gets better, dunnit?)
5- Meanwhile, NOS's friends livid at the unprovoked sucker punch, restrained the other kid and then urged NOS to trash him.
6- NOS, weighing the fact this was no longer a fair fight against his desire to avenge his solar plexus, took the Goldilocks approach and kicked the miscreant in the shins thrice. My my calculations, this means one shin got off easier than its opposite.
7- The Principal (a nun with one of THOSE 1950s kinds of habits and a rather dim outlook on such activity) then materialized and started meting out Traditionalist Catholic Justice. An impassioned reading of the Riot Act took place.

Kissing that dowry money goodbye,



Now, now let's not be hasty.

These things are adjusted, as Adam Smith wisely noted, in the final figure.

BTW who would be paying the dowry to who?
Stomper Girl said…
Ow. Rubbing my own shins and solar plexus in empathy here. Boys, eh? Hope the Justice Meter got to hear all sides of the story.
BabelBabe said…
getting kicked in the shins hurts more than being punched, so NOS opted for the most efficient method of pain. Good for him.

this is so very fifties, I can practically see the lettermen jackets and bobby sox....
meggie said…
I note, that invariably, the boys go for the non manly parts to kick. Why is this??
Used to be the girls would also opt to softly punish. Now they are entreated to ahem... go for the goolies.
I blush to mention this. I wonder what the NUN thought, as she pondered the situation??
MsCellania said…
Are you DAFT?!
His price just went up - he might have reality show potential. A little drama is a good thing nowadays, sadly.
What is his penance? At school? At home? I don't know that I would punish him at all. The 'stepping on' was more than likely accidental...
Joke said…
1- They were both given "office duty" for two days in a row, under the glaring eye of Sister Principal.

2- The two lads mutually apologized and all seems fine.

3- Punishment was limited to a talking to on the subj. of when we hit others and when we don't.


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