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The Wilderness Years, Pt. 1

Dear Occupants of Room 665 and Room 764: We Know What You Were Up To.

Radio silence

It's awful, I know. No, I shan't backslide, so don't worry.

See what I'm up against?

Happy 11th, NOS

Pointless cocktail trivia.

Tenth Anniversary

Cookbook review

Wheah ah mah manners?

Harrowing tales from Golf Camp. Well, harrowing-ish.

Nothing major.

Status update

If it was so damned easy, why am I so damned tired?

This too shall pass, unless, of course, it doesn't.

Stupidly easy.

Sometimes you have to abandon your principles and do what's right.

It's that time again.

New and Improved! Now with 0% domestic strife!

Blogwide domestic strife has a soundtrack

So, as you can see, my concern was not unwarranted...if a bit overblown.

...and the flag was still there.

Why does it always have to be me?

Where NOS got his idea.