If it was so damned easy, why am I so damned tired?

NOS's party wrapped up (finally!) three hours ago, after the last kitchen item had been washed and set to dry.

Food wise, it was pretty easy, at least on paper. Heat a lot of Trader Vic's-ish storebought stuff (Polynesian meatballs, coconut shrimp, spring rolls) and only make a couple of other items: crab Rangoon (in the form of a hot dip with wonton chips, instead of the bundled in wontons and then deep-fried...basically the same taste with a fraction of the work) and grill off a coop's worth of teriyaki chicken*.

The Crab Rangoon, incidentally, was a smash and another of those absurdly easy things to make.

1lb flaked crabmeat (no need to get the super expensive Jumbo Lump, the lowest grade -- not lowest quality -- will do, because all those expensive chunks will be processed down into flakes anyway...so just get the cheaper flaked crab)
1lb cream cheese (I prefer Neufchatel-style, which is also 33% lower in fat)
3 cloves garlic mashed to a paste (use a light hand with garlic, as it's easy for the mild flavor of crab to be overrun)
3 good dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 good dashes hot sauce (I like "regular" Tabasco)
1½ tsp. salt
1 tsp. white pepper
OPTIONAL: Some minced chives could be nice, and would add a splash of color.

Mix everything in a stand mixer or food processor. Put in a shallow-ish soufflé dish and bake at 375F (190C) until the top is golden brown. Serve with wonton chips. (Traditionally, the crab would be folded into a wonton wrapper and deep-fried. I couldn't be bothered.)

NOS and his crew all had a great time. One of them (not NOS) had his swimsuit shot clean off by the high-pressure jet of the FlowriderTM surfing simulator, which provided something of a highlight, but beyond this they all enjoyed a couple of hours of surf-ish fun. Further time was killed in making them fill the water balloons and squirt guns for the preprandial skirmishes and all was concluded with a Surf's Up tournament on the Wii.

Since my marriage is based on the very equitable (ruthlessly so) principle of "I clean, you cook" TFBIM was free to mingle and sparkle and play hostess and generally gab freely with her mom-pals. Once everyone left, I propped up my feet and exhaled with a beer or 3.


* For a coop's worth, you'll need equal parts soy sauce -- I actually prefer the taste of the low-sodium (San-J's tamari, to be precise) stuff -- and fresh pineapple juice, with a ¼ cup each of crushed ginger and garlic, marinated in a zipper-lock bag (squeeze all the air out) for 4-6 hours. Grill, basting with the marinade (which can be boiled to kill any wee ferlies, making for a suitable sauce) and it doesn't get any easier. The bromelain in the pineapple juice is a serious enzyme and it tenderizes the chicken (and also pork, if you want to sway that way) as the soy sauce performs some serious brine duty.


meggie said…
Crab Rangoon sounds so delicious!
As it is our 42nd wedding anniversary today, the less said about nice food the better. It seems I will have to get my own!

So I thought I would just sit here, & imagine I was sharing some of your son's party fare. Pitiful?
shula said…
If it was so damned easy, why do I get tired just reading about it?
Badger said…

I heart crab rangoon. Will have to try your dip version, as I am not much of a fiddly-foldy-fry-y type of cook. As you know.
MsCellania said…
Busted out laughing about the shorts-off adventure - I didn't know such a thing existed as a Flowrider. Looks like a perfect thing for a kids' party.
Your food always sound delicious.

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