Pointless cocktail trivia.

There is, officially, no such thing as a Vodka Martini. Such a cocktail is called a "Vespa." Those of you who enjoy such cocktails, please adjust yourselves accordingly.

That is all.



Badger said…
Why don't you come over here and make me? Huh?
Joke said…
Because we're both happily married.


Wait, are you asking me to make you one such cocktail?

BreadBox said…
And where do you stand on "shaken" versus "stirred"? Are you willing to bruise that gin?

Joke said…
When it's shaken it has another name...the Bradford I think.

Major Bedhead said…
I KNEW there was a reason I liked you. Friggin' vodka martini my ass.
Major Bedhead said…
Oh, and a Vespa? Really?

"Ciao" - Eddie Izzard.

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