Sometimes you have to abandon your principles and do what's right.

I know most of you will find this tough to believe but...I'm not perfect. TFBIM, were she ever to get a blog of her own* would happily eat up valuable bandwidth expressing, with a luxury of detail, my follies and foibles. She probably could go a full month without repeating herself.

At any rate, among these faults is my procrastination, which sometimes hits the "legendary" level. A great example of this goes all the way back to my last year at school. In order to graduate from the Jesuit Academic Boot Camp, one had to write a "senior thesis" on some important global issue. I chose world hunger (its history, causes, possible solutions, etc., etc.) and by all accounts this thesis was to be something of a tome. Which is why I started it 2 days before it was due.

And then spent 48 hours straight typing, fueled by ever increasing amounts of bad coffee. Keep in mind this was during the Age of Typewriters. I managed to grind it out and, forestalling a caffeinated delirium, turned it in to receive a pretty decent-enough score.

Regardless, the abysmal habit of putting things off has stayed with me.

In the spirit of mea culpa I hereby declare that yesterday I mailed off something I had promised a blogpal a while ago.

"A while ago" is code language for...April.

...of 2007.

It cost me an extra $1.18 in postage because the postal rates have increased** twice [pause while the above sinks in] since I promised to mail it off.


* Ha. As if.
** Memo to the Postmaster General: Could you please increase the prices in one lump and keep me out of the post office for the next five years?


Anonymous said…
You'll find no judgment here. And I'd love to see TFBYM guest blog...
teachergirl said…
Nor from me. I am a notorious procrastinator but finish in a blaze of glory.
Poppy Buxom said…
I'm offering you this pearl FOR FREE because that's the way I roll: get thee to a post office to buy lots and lots of "forever" stamps. They will always be good for first class postage, no matter how high the rates go. Therefore they're pretty much the best investment out there. And won't you feel smug affixing a stamp that cost 43 cents to a letter when the first-class rate is 75 cents.

I tell you this hoping against hope that I'm not the blogging pal who's getting a package, sitting as I am surrounded by boxes containing "some assembly required" furniture.
Joke said…

You're not the pal to whom I sent the item, but I DO owe you some stuff. I figured to drag it along +/- 7/25-26ish

Mary said…
Procrastination is one of the many foibles I possess that I am trying to improve upon.

Without much success.
Joke said…

Don't fret. You'll get it eventually.

Joke said…
P.S. My wife is ambivalent about this whole new interweb thing; her feelings oscillating between moderate dislike and hatred. She is certain whomever is the next blogpal I meet in real life -- she was rather disappointed in how charming she thought Poppy and TSMPM were and how much she liked them -- is a serial murderer who'll turn the whole Joke household into a fine brunoise.

So, the contingency of her blogging is wildly remote.
Stomper Girl said…
TFBYM sounds like Fixit.

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