Status update

There is none.

I mean there's no update. There is some status, so to speak.

NTS started Surf Camp today and NOS continues at golf camp, basking in the adulation of having dispatched a bully with a well-flung #4 Titleist (that, and the ensuing melee being ascribed squarely to the bully who was tersely invited to not return) to the offender's left shoulder blade.

As mentioned in my previous lecture, Surf Camp is 87 counties away but, fortunately, the golf camp is a quick jaunt from Joke HQ.

Work is still, well, work. I remind the newer arrivals hereat that work, as Scripture carefully emphasizes, is something God made as a punishment. This is why my Chicago clientele is angling to have me up theah on or about the 26th-ish of July when Poppy & co. will be merely "hanging around" and recovering from the social whirlwind that envelops them when they become, for a not inconsiderable time, the glittering social axis of the City With The Huge-Ass Shoulder Pads.

As you may have read, the whims of my clientele have directed my travels away from several galæ, including one to which I might've been arrayed in my cherished offwhite dinnah jacket, a cruise along Lake Michigan, and BYO lobstah fest. To me, this is incalculable, Nuremberg tribunal levels of punishment.

Mind you, at some point soon we'll have to travel there with our lads, as there is the issue of arranged marriage to be ironed out -- Poppy is a fearsome negotiatrix, who'll likely use the fact NOS considers Poppette to be the.funniest.girl.ever to our disadvantage -- and in these cases, it's best to allow the intended victims to clap eyes upon each other every 6-7 months or so. It doesn't bode well for future grandchildren if the first things they say to each other are "Who are YOU?" Just not the done thing.

Fortunately for our end of the negotiations the tests at the endocrinologist for NOS have come back with not-dismaying results. He is a bit below par for height and it's either [insert scientific name I couldn't be bothered to remember, beyond noting that TFBIM also had these issues] or [insert other scientific name I also couldn't be bothered to remember, beyond noting that TFBIM's brother also had this issue] and both are, medically speaking, no big deal.

So that's that. Just life.



Poppy Buxom said…
I demand a steep discount on the dowry because my future son-in-law goes to a bug doctor.
Joke said…
Howzabout you just get a VW Beetle as a kickback?

Poppy Buxom said…
Well ... if it's a convertible, I'll consider it.
I will be a VERY interested witness to these negotiations.

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