Stupidly easy.

So, NOS's birthday party is coming up this weekend and we're going all Trader Vic's. One of the things that I learned very early on was to select foodstuff that could be made ahead, ideally well ahead. Throw in a few top-flight storebought* items and you're set.

Anyway, among the make-aheads is something so delicious and so absurdly simple and so ridiculously well-suited for the widdle hands of one's offspring that it'd be sheer evil on my part to not share. (I would have taken pictures of the first part, but my hands were hyper-sticky. I'll try to add some of the coating process.)

Coconut-Macadamia Truffles

1 cup crushed Macadamia nuts, toasted lightly in a dry skillet
1 cup sweetened condensed milk (lowfat or fat-free is fine, just not that "filled" $#!+)
1 1/2 teaspoons almond or vanilla extract
1/2 lb. dried shredded coconut (try to avoid the sticky sweetened stuff, I use the flaked stuff from the bulk bins at Whole Foods)
3/4 lb. chocolate, chopped and melted (I like Valrhona "bittersweet" but you can use whatever)

In a steel or glass bowl stir together the macadamias, half of the condensed milk, extract and the coconut. Stir to combine, adding condensed milk JUST until the whole thing forms a cohesive mass. Depending on the humidity, the moisture content of the coconut, etc., you might not be using up the whole allotment of the condensed milk, so beware.

Scoop with a melon baller or (tiny) ice cream scoop and then roll with your hands into a smooth, tight ball. (Try to compact them as you roll.) These should be less than an inch. Let them rest at room temperature for at least 4-5 hours -- overnight is ideal -- or, if you really must, in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours...but there will be some condensation forming which might affect the way the chocolate coat adheres. You've been warned.

Once the coconut-macadamia balls are firm, with a fundue or cocktail fork (or whatever) dip into the chocolate. GO LIGHT ON THE CHOCOLATE and make sure you have even coverage. You may, if you feel like going through extra work, roll them into cocoa powder or shaved chocolate or grated coconut or crushed nuts or....

I just plop them on a nonstick sheet pan to set up.


* Coconut shrimp, wonton chips, spring rolls...we're doing a very "pupu platter" sort of thing


MsCellania said…
We had eldest's birthday last night. I got off easy - he requested, and I am not kidding, black beans with rice. (plus onion and cheese).
How many chilluns will attend NOS's event? Adults? Sounds like it will be a great event!
Man, I loves me some coconut shrimp. Haven't made it in decades.
Joke said…
I think it'll be 10 kids (our 2, 3 cousins, and 5 classmates) and similar grownups.

The only hassle with coconut shrimp is the frying part. The peeling/dredging is no big deal. It's the frying -- in batches! -- that I hate.


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