Wheah ah mah manners?

In all the tales and narratives relating to NOS's birthday party, I forgot to issue thanks to the extremely lovely and terribly gracious Poppy, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Pull up a computer, dear Internet, and I shall tell you a tale.

About four years ago -- shortly before I started this sojourn into rum, bloggery and the lash -- I held the first JokeFest, to celebrate my 40th Birthweek* which involved, not only TWO birthday parties, but also some conferences, lectures, a driving tour and an after-party on Eastah Sunday. Poppy & Co. were able to fly down for the 2nd party -- JokeFest lasted from Saturday to Saturday -- and afterwards, we sat down with cooling beverages as I opened giftage.

Among the gifts from Poppy was a slim, magazine-like tome of recipes from Trader Vic's which was part of a promotion between Trader Vic's and United Airlines back in the early 1970s. During those years, 1st Class passengers flying to Hawaii were treated to Trader Vic's fare, and received a souvenir menu/recipe guide. Poppy, I expect, found it on eBay and made it one of my 40th Birthweek presents. (This is only partly why we love Poppy)

So, for 4-ish years, I would occasionally pull out the Trader Vic's souvenir, flip through the pages and sigh dreamily. But then -- haha!! -- NOS wanted the surfer/luau party and, thanks to Poppy's amazing foresight, I was able to produce the correct fare for the guests to consume cheerfully.

So, thanks!


*Mere birthday festivities would have clearly been insufficient, so I had to go this route.


MsCellania said…
Ah, don't hate me for this, but I remember those lovely Polynesian meals for Hawaiian flights! I also remember a baron of beef being rolled down the aisle, and being asked "Rare, Medium or Well Done, Little Miss?"
Well, YES; I was a non-revenue passenger, flying with my airline employee parents. Why do you ask?
Joke said…
I remember the Trader Vic's in Chicago (now undergoing some MASSIVE and protracted refurbishment; my guess is someone's quite behind in the payment of bribes) and the one in Atlanta.

As re. flights, all I recall from the early 1970s was getting those little zippered bags from PanAm and Eastern and Braniff.

meggie said…
The insults for airline food abound.
At risk of stoning, & mutters & threats about oil, I would recommend United Emirates Airline for flight between Oz & NZ. The meals are overly generous, & quite palatable- & envied by other Airline staff!
Joke said…
I thought the risk would be more for beheading than stoning.


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