The Wilderness Years, Pt. 1


HUGE, colossal thanks to the lovely and gracious H&B, who shed light on this magnificent and glorious waste of time. Thanks to her, you may all be subjected to a sliver of some of the music which provided the background to My Wilderness Years (ca. 1979-ca. 1991).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have hours to kill.


P.S. That last track is Berlin's "The Metro" which, for some reason, isn't showing up properly.


Major Bedhead said…
Fantastic. Off to play.
Badger said…
Fun Boy Three? The HELL?
Joke said…
Did I mention these were my wilderness years?


P.S. You should have seen the stuff I could have put in there, but didn't.
h+b said…
Oh, now I want the tape titled 'stuff I could have put in there, but didn't'.

Get to it.

Love the mix. Early INXS was sooo good, and there's quite a bit of warmth in my heart for Madness..
Joke said…
One I simply COULD.NOT.FIND was The Divinyls' Pleasure & Pain.

I'm working on the next one.


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