Inappropriate crushes: An update.

Anne Hathaway.

Funny. Catholic. Preppy. Reads Ayn Rand. (I can't stand Ayn Rand, but I have a soft spot for girls who do.) In fact, my Inappropriate Crush is so strong, I'm willing to overlook the fact she was in a deadly tedious movie about gay shepherds.

As you were.



h+b said…
AB and I fought over her until I finally got him to admit she was horrid, and he must have seen her in a good light once, and caught a crush.

He's over her now, and looking at more appropriate women, who sometimes get out in the sun and perhaps eat a steak now and then. You know, girls that don't like like vampyres ?

I hate death-pale skin. Hate it.
Joke said…
You'd love it ovah heah, where even moribund albinos have a healthy tan.

That said, she is pretty much about as ærodynamic as I can tolerate a woman to be.

Joke said…
P.S. My beloved and I had a discussion over this issue and I pretended I believed AH to look like a caricature of a colt with superfluous teeth and an iron deficiency.

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