On the cutting room floor


The lovely & gracious H&B asked for the stuff* I left out of the previous mix tape. So here it is. (You've been warned.)


* The penultimate track is The Neighborhoods' "No Place Like Home" and the last one is "Hey Now" by New Order...for some reason this is not showing up correctly.


Badger said…
I have an APPALLING number of these (and the ones from your original mix, with the notable exception of FUN BOY THREE, for that matter) on my MP3 player as we speak.
Joke said…
That's because I didn't have a blog 25 years ago.


P.S. C'mon, tell me that deadpan, expressionless rendition of "Our Lips Are Sealed" isn't priceless.
Joke said…
P.P.S. I am THISCLOSE to seeing how to start my own online radio station. Maybe during the next SAHD cycle, when I am desperately bored.
h+b said…
addictive, isn't it ? :p
Joke said…

Do you know how to make the "put my mixtape on my sidebar" thing work?

I keep getting errors.



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