On the other hand, we'll all be befuddled together.

Today, after doing the NTS school run, I had time -- and having a serious request to pray for someone, the inclination -- to attend daily Mass. Normally, the average daily Mass takes, tops, 30 minutes. 15-20 is the norm.

So I went.

Usually, on Sundays, there are 6 Masses on schedule and usually the church is 75% full for each of those...give or take. But for a Thursday at 8am, it's a pretty sparse crowd. This means that pretty much any other person will be well within your sightlines. Mark that.

Anyway, in one of the parts of the Mass* when all 30 of us are kneeling, a woman walks in. By all appearances, a "school mom." And she stands on the side aisle, next to the front pew. This is about 5-6 pews ahead of where I am. She seems to desire speech with the woman seated in that pew's "aisle seat." The woman (again, going strictly by appearances, another school mom) of whom speech is desired, frankly, does not wish to engage in speech.

Aisle Mom is whispering animatedly and Pew Mom is staring dead ahead. This goes on for some time, one whispering with passion, the other pointedly looking straight ahead. After one brief fusillade of unintelligible whispers, Aisle Mom turns and walks away. I could see he face is pink and her eyes are welling up. Her heels click-clack in a melancholy staccato on the marble floor, echoing as she makes her way to the exits, her walking rhythm punctuated by sniffles.

So, basically, I am left with the age old question:

"What the @#$% was that about?"

And if there is a question that vexes me more than any other** it's that one. Worse, I invariably never get to know WTF happened. Two days ago, making my way home after foraging hurricane supplies, the main intersection that takes me on my usual way home was blocked, wherever I turned, by police cars, lights ablaze. A 4-block x 4 block area was cordoned off and no explanation why.

These things drive me mental.

Now, if anyone of you wishes to conjecture about this morning's little Bizarre Tableaux Vivant, feel free.


* The consecration for any stray Papists reading this.
** Not "Why do good things happen to bad people?" or "What's Heaven/Hell/Purgatory like?" or "Will my wife want to murder me if I buy another car?"


Anonymous said…
Thankyouverymuch, now *I* am forced to spend the rest of my day wondering what was going on between these two women, also.
Stomper Girl said…
Well now, you'll have to start hanging out in the school yard near or with these people at pick-up time and see if you can't get the goss that way. Then you can put the rest of us out of our misery...
And to be carrying on such a monologue during the consecration - goodness it must have been serious whatever she was saying.

And I SO want to know what it was all about!
Joke said…
Even weirder is that she walked in just prior to that and made a beeline for Pew Mom.

I'm curious as can be but I don't even know where to begin to institute inquiries. Or how.

Badger said…
Easy. One of them (probably Aisle Mom) is sleeping with the other one's husband.


They are sisters with a dying parent.


One of them (probably Aisle Mom) is an alcoholic.


They are sisters, one of whom is an alcoholic and sleeping with the other one's husband, and they have a dying parent.

My money's on that last one.
Joke said…
Y'know...that's just as good as anything else.

BabelBabe said…
oh my sweet jesus, you DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER!?!?!!

I never should have kept reading.
Joke said…
It IS driving me mental, also, if that helps.


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