Well, it's new to ME.

One of the weird things about me being a Dad is that, for all the plans and notions and standards I may have, a lot of the time I'm making it up as I go along. Natch, if you sort of stick to general principles, that makes things less difficult.

But sometimes one of my sons does something that is so me that it leaves me bewildered. It is then I remember my mother, in one of the many fits of exasperation for which I was wholly and inexcusably responsible, telling me rather barbedly "I hope one day you have a son just like you!"

Well. Fast forward about 30 years and I'm seated comfortably in my favorite chair and NOS is in his. We each have our laptops out and I can tell, from the background, he is cruising through YouTube. He then asks me a car question and that leads to a brief exchange in which I tout the great Anglo-American hybrid, the Sunbeam Tiger..."you know, NOS, like the one in the Get Smart movie." And I go about my business.

About 5 minutes later I sense that NOS is actually replaying the same video over and over again. It's a trailer from the Get Smart movie.

This one, actually

Only it sounded a bit odd because it turns out that NOS was replaying a segment of the video. As I walked behind-ish him to get to the kitchen I noticed the segment was the one that runs between 1:36 and 1:38.

I'm sunk.



Stomper Girl said…
Good luck!

Meanwhile I am sniggering at the closing bit with the Mum in the car.
x said…
Ahaha, yes, the allure of Anne Hathaway was probably why my 16yo brother and cousin loved the film, while I got mad that I even paid to see it (after hearing their rave reviews!).
Mary said…
You are absolutely a goner!
KPB said…
That is what we over here would say is gold, pure gold...
shula said…

She put the Gypsy's Curse on you, it seems.

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