The bulletin du jour.

Here's the latest.

IF a certain project undertaken by my clients (we'll call it Project A) comes through in even a modestly timely/successful way, we'll be just fine until This Thing Blows Over whenever* that may be. If it does not, we might still be fine, but I just might need to ride the Disoriented Express straight into a padded cell, or have people standing by with defibrillator paddles ready fo rme to "ride the lightning."

That's it for now.


* If this damned thing takes longer than two years to sort out, then our worries -- and those of everyone else -- will be along rather more, er, apocalyptic lines.


Poppy Buxom said…
Am I the only one who has no idea what Joke is talking about?

I mean, are you talking about the national economic situation, or are we still back on the hospital bed in traction because our spouse is a narcoleptic sleep-flailing spouse crusher?
Joke-please look at Dave Ramsey's common sense plan for the bailout.
Since you have written about the whole mess and seem to understand it better than anyone I have seen on TV or the net, I would be interested in your thoughts on Dave Ramsey's idea.
All I know is that when I kept saying all these years in a particularly shrewish kind of way that the youngun's needed to see what a good recession (like the early 90's) felt like (toughened me up and made me VERY good at my job btw) , the current abomination is not what I had in mind.
shula said…
Dudes, we are going to Hell in a Handbasket.

I admit, though, that i'm in a decidedly apocolyptic mood.
blackbird said…
I'll do a little Unitarian Incantation for you...I'll even do the one with the scented oil.

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