Hurricane update. UPDATED! AGAIN!

The really stormy area (i.e. Tropical Storm Warning) is JUST south of my house. I am well in the "severe weather" area, though...meaning sustained winds of 24mph to 39mph. (Plus all the attendant rain.) No further damage has ensued, but the companion potted topiary is also likely to topple, especially if my beloved isn't looking.
UPDATE! The awning on our gazebo has come off! A potted topiary -- not much of one, incidentally -- has toppled!

It SEEMS that we'll get off pretty light. Tons of rain, goodish gusts of wind but no more.




Badger said…
Well, that's what you get for owning a potted topiary.

P.S. I am HOPING we get some rain out of the deal, in a few days. But I'm not holding my breath ovah heah.
Joke said…
There may be people who would suspect the matter of the toppled topiary was, if not an inside job, at least the subject of some foul complicity.

I deny everything and demand proof.

It is a good thing you are all safe.

My exceptional powers of deduction lead me to understand that it is also a good thing about the potted topiary.

In your eyes anyway.
Joke said…
It is just a GOSH DARNED SHAME about the toppled topiary as well as the one that will topple later on, after everyone is asleep.

Stomper Girl said…
Did the companion potted topiary survive the storm? Or was your beloved looking?
MsCellania said…
We get gusts of - and I am not kidding - 115 mph here. NOBODY in their right mind has a cloth canopy cover on anything. It would be in Kansas next week. And it would take the gazebo with it on the joy ride.
What'dya have against the topiary? Too Foo-Foo for you?

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