It's not you, it's me.

Things at work are getting a bit...yeah.

So bloggery will be light until I can catch my breath.

As you were.


P.S. Feel free to pray Rosaries, chant, hop around the room, sacrifice goats to Baal, etc. I'm not proud.


MsCellania said…
Me? I am relaxing, and sending you calming vibes.
Things I am NOT doing:
Listening to the news
Reading the newspaper
Looking at my quarterly stock reports

I reckon there are millions who are doing the above. There needs to be a corresponding who are NOT, thereby causing equalization of the terror on the planet.

It is going to be OKAY, you guys!
Badger said…
I will hop around the room WHILE chanting AND sacrificing a goat to Baal. Because I'm feeling all type-A and shit.
shula said…
As a dedicated yogi, I have elected to not breathe at all until the current crisis has passed.

So I would appreciate updates.

The only thing happening in the world, right now, according to our media, is the AFL Grand Final.
Mary said…
A hurricane of another sort appears to be threatening you and yours.

Again, as you know, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

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