Mixtape Monday, Sep. 7/08

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What passes for a theme today is: Cover Tunes. I only regret that I already used Fun Boy Three's version of Our Lips Are Sealed...but nobody said life was fair, right?



Stomper Girl said…
I love that Tom Jones / Art of Noise cover. Love it.
Badger said…
I generally LOATHE covers, but these don't suck too terribly badly.
Joke said…
If you want to laugh, you should check out Nouvelle Vague's assorted covers. I especially love their lounge version of the Dead Kennedys "Too Drunk To Fuck."

MsCellania said…
*Falling off the sofa*
You said "Fuck"!
I know - it's a quote and therefore - ah HELL NO!
Joke said…
It's the equivalent of an actress taking off her top in a movie. Only to be done for Valid Artistic Reasons.


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