Thursday, September 04, 2008



Posted by Joke at 4:49 PM


  • Blogger Frogdancer posted at 5:19 PM, September 04, 2008  
    I'm guessing you're on the pointy bit of the map?
    (You can tell I'm not a geography teacher.)
    Batten down the hatches. Good luck.
  • Blogger Stomper Girl posted at 5:43 PM, September 04, 2008  
    Are you evacuating? That looks like it's coming right at you! Here's hoping it twists away somewhere else.
  • Blogger Joke posted at 7:46 PM, September 04, 2008  
    It'd have to be a Category Armageddon hurricane for us to have to evacuate; what it'd really mean if we did get smacked is a lot of trees down and no electricity for +/- 2 weeks.

    Which verily doth give suck.

  • Blogger Jaye Joseph posted at 9:24 PM, September 04, 2008  
    Accck! Good luck! As a former resident of SW FL, and of NOLA (way before Katrina), I totally understand not leaving.
  • Blogger kim at allconsuming posted at 11:51 PM, September 04, 2008  
    Holey Maloley... please keep us updated (as much as you can) about your well being.

    I'm sure NOS is viewing this as the best excuse ever to not be doing homework.
  • Blogger Joke posted at 12:01 AM, September 05, 2008  
    Whatever will happen would be around Tuesday evening. After that, well, blogging might be pretty bloody sparse.

  • Blogger Frogdancer posted at 2:20 AM, September 05, 2008  
    Wow! Is that updated graphic to scale?
    Your house is HUGE!!!!!
  • Blogger Joke posted at 2:47 PM, September 05, 2008  
    Yes, it is to scale. You do not want to know how long it took me to paint those letters on the ocean's surface.

  • Blogger bluemountainsmary posted at 11:27 PM, September 06, 2008  
    thinking of you all....
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