Please stand by.

Well. Seems a great many of you are vaguely interested in what I had to say to all the boys and girls.

I'll try to post my remarks, explaining and detailing and shedding light and all that.



Frogdancer said…
I'm sure you were scintillating. And beautifully dressed.
(I'm glad you're going to post the material. Interesting times...)
MsCellania said…
Photos and power point presentations score extra points.
Seriously, however; I would appreciate any insight into the One Point Whogivesashit TRILLION dollars we are expected to hand over to financial executives, with LITTLE, IF ANY, OVERSIGHT! HUH?!
Poppy Buxom said…
My favorite part is going to be the part where the 700 billion dollars, which is more than we've spent so far on the war in Iraq, is going to be added to a budget that is already running a massive deficit.

Anyone else looking forward to watching the part of the presidential debates where the nominees talk about taxes and whether it would be prudent to raise them? Popcorn's on me!
Badger said…
Poppy: I was thinking more along the lines of a drinking game.

And J, either you are extraordinarily good at explaining these things, or I am experiencing a rare moment of clarity, because I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD THAT and I do not understand anything EVER having to do with money. Just ask DH.
Joke said…
My gallows humor also went over well with the assembled.

MsCellania said…
Thanks for the explanation, which is not only plausible, it's downright believable.
I emailed it to Barack. You may want to send a link to McCain. Who knows; some fool might just run with it.
Joke said…
All I ask for is two years of absolute monarchy on my part.


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