Recommeded Daily Allowance of Irony

I'm working on My Remarks to The Distinguished Audience. Originally I thought it best to work off, as usual, some very cursory notes. But circumstances have overtaken.

Y'see, I was planning to explain to the boys and girls how Things Got This Way. I was good to go with my glib and facile explanation on the subject, and more concerned with apparel. But then, as you may have noted, turmoil hit Wall St. This means that not only my remarks to the boys and girls are deeply affected but so is my clientele which, in turn deeply affects me.

So, my naturally sunny mood has abated.

This is like being in the Intensive Care Unit, convulsing and making very unpleasant noises, as doctors try different approaches with varying degrees of success, and having to narrate what is happening to you to a group of young, bright-eyed medical students.

So that's where we are.



Frogdancer said…
My oldest son is doing economics as one of his year 11 subjects. I said to him something along the lines of "You've chosen the right subject for these 'interesting' times...."
The American situation has an awful fascination for the rest of us. Mainly we're all terrified we're going to be sucked down the gurgler along with you guys....

But hey! Good luck with the speech thing. Break a leg!
shula said…
but that doesn't mean you've suddenly become poor, too, right?

Just wondering if it's catching...
"Young, bright-eyed medical students"? Love it. I long for the days when I didn't have a clue what a Bear or a Bull was! This market is a nightmare compadre...te lo digo que todo el mundo se va p'al carajito.
Poppy Buxom said…
So what are you planning to say about Federal regulation? Do you think the Federal Reserve should have more power to regulate financial institutions--or products like mortgage-backed securities?
MsCellania said…
Good time to buy...*she says quietly in the corner*

The Feds will bail the naughty boys out. They always do. Then we'll have another financial clusterfuck in 15 years. Same culprits, different ponzi (but just barely legal) schemes.

What do I fear now? Inflation. Because sure - we can print more money to throw around, but how much less worthless can the dollar afford to sink?

And don't you love who is really financing the bailout - the Chinese, Russians and Saudis, to name a few.

I'd like to read your speech. I barely understand these things. Hedge fund? Huh? And yes! What about Federal regulation?

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