I think I'll be a Post-Revisionist

Bette_2This is the new Bette* Davis stamp, issued by the US Post Office.

You will kindly note some things, courtesy of our current revisionist frenzy:

1- Her ever-present cigarette is absent, and

2-The non-fur coat also seems quite interesting, unless there is some scarlet mammal of which I was not previously aware.

3- Is it just me, or does she have that whole David Bowie-eyes thing going on?

It goes without saying I'm not a fan of this revisionism -- sure, we don't want to encourage all of those young children who are avid fans of Ms. Davis' ouvre to take up Mme. Nicotine, as they certainly would otherwise -- but I think this has given me a new purpose in life. I shall found and lead a new movement in arts and letters: Post-Revisionism.


To be safe I will contact my attorneys, that such stellar intellectual property be fully protected.


This movement will be called Post-Revisionism®.


* Rhymes with "jetty" not with "jet." Please get it together.


Poppy Buxom said…
Hey, her coat reminds me of my mink!
Joke said…
Let the record show, Your Honor, that the very lovely and quite gracious Poppy does, in fact, have a mink coat -- albeit not a luridly garnet one -- and the previous comment is to be taken literally, and not as some sort of bizarre euphemism.

Carry on.

MsCellania said…
They ought to park a green bean or something in her fingers - all they did was photoshop out the ciggie and left her in 'smokin' pose'.

I do believe they used to dye minks -- or possibly ermine -- whatever color the wearer wanted.

Now it would only be that color if antique or from paint being thrown on it via PETA or anyone from Boulder.
I knew it rhymed with jetty.

Because of that song

Jetty Davis eyes

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