A minor frustration

Dear Internet,

It is driving me mental.

As you may know from watching the news, there is worrisome stuff going on. That's life, it happens, there will be stuff like this until the world ends.

What is driving me up the proverbial wall is running up against people who are, to use the rather quaint Catholic phrase, "invincibly ignorant." The areas where the frustration mounts are:

1- Things are not as simple as the invincibly ignorant person may suppose (The financial whatits that Bank X defaulted on affect the stock market in Lower Elbonia, which in turn...)
2- That some things are not, as previously supposed, facts but rather matters of opinion. (No, if you withdraw liquidity -- tax increases, "oil shock" or a failure of some financial sub-market -- from a cash-starved economy you will go from recession to depression.)
3- The information you get in the non-financial media is "all you need to understand"

That is all.


P.S. Keep chanting, praying, sacrificing marmots, thinking pure and kind thoughts, sending me "white energy" (whatever THAT is...although it sounds like a drug-related euphemism) and all that; things at my end seem to be getting microscopically better. Not out of the woods by any means, but at least we have moved past a tree or two.


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